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nice but need something more


Played your game on my series, Indie Game Roundup (starts at 49:52 if embed isn't working). Very promising so far!


I enjoyed the idea of the game. After a few plays I knew basics about it and finally I won the game. There is a lot of space for improvement, but current state of it is playable and enjoyable!
Hope there will be more content!

Also I have a question about "demo" version: do you have a final version or only this demo?

And I have a few ideas:
1. Adding a clock or something to show where the sun is (once I haven't noticed that the night was there and I lost)
2. Maybe adding some messages between NPCs and the player (to show their needs and results)
3. Also maybe adding a "peasant" to help yourself with managing the place (then you can go for a journeys

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Hello and thank you for your response!
Your ideas are quite interesting and some of them coincide with our view on the game's future (for example, clock is already added in alpha build).
Development is still in progress and we already have a playable alpha version to test and improve. We are planning to start an Early Access on Steam in late summer, so stay in touch!